Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Calgary pride

Well greg and I made it home safe and sound from Calgary Pride.

It was a fantastic trip!

The wedding on saturday was amazing. They had it on the edge of a ravine that overlooked the hills and prairie all the way up to the rocky mountains.

Pride was good. The beer gardens were poorly run however and that was more than a little disappointing.

I am starting a two week detox with my buddy Eoin(well started yesterday). No fried food, caffeine, sweets, pop,booze or cheese. So far it is going well. I still feel run down however.


Allan S. said...

Make sure you get some rest, and drink tea brewed from fresh ginger with a star anise thrown into the kettle.

Oh and delete or block messages from douchey guys.

Peace ;)

Torrie said...

Hey, have fun with the detox...make sure you stay hydrated and get a ton of sleep.

Steve and Warren said...

We are back and we've moved.