Monday, September 28, 2009

Matt Tomljenovich, Amazing Race's super hot cub

*** Update I have posted some shirtless pics of Matt here***

I spent most of yesterday cuddled up on the couch watching TV and nursing an epic hangover from my birthday party on Saturday.

The highlight of the evening was definitely the amazing race. One of the new contestants is an ultra hot cub name Matt Tomlienovich.

I am soo hoping for some shirtless shots of him to come out.



Jaci Bjorne said...

haha, I'm sorry sweetie, but that "young cub" is very much straight and he's mine (this fact is proven on facebook). On the bright side, Dan and Sam are gay and he says that they do in fact get shirtless at some point.



Aaron said...
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Aaron said...

Ha ha ha
Well now this is a message i didn't suspect to see! I was pretty sure he was straight but a boy can dream.
I hope he does well for you guys! Were cheering for him.


souver dj said...

Finally he was shirtless on latest episode:
Enjoy !

Anonymous said...

I saw his shirtless pix and i'm not the same anymore *__- he's smokin-hot and i was hoping that he'd win. I like his pink hair & his personality, not to mention the amazing beefy body & his full lips, oh and when he looks puzzled & helpless , his eyebrows goes / \ there when you feel that you're painfully attracted to him.

Hi from Jeddah / Saudi Arabia