Friday, September 04, 2009

Sad but true

I have not been randomly attacked online in a while. This one was from a guy I met at camping.

We chatted for a while about a year ago and I got tired of his bitchy demeanour and general negativity.

The funny thing is wasn't even cruising online when I got this message. I would say 90% of my gay friends are on Bear411. It has been the centre of my online life for years, long before facebook became popular (that is kinda sad all on its own). I couldn't help but reply.

CHRISHALIFAX:don't you have a boyfriend? don't you think it's just SLIGHTLY trashy to be cruising on chat?

CZARCUB (me): What we do under the auspices of our relationship is not your business. Glad your still floating around putting so much positive energy out into the world. I am sure that is doing well for you...


Allan S. said...
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Allan S. said...

That was a three snaps with a twist reply. Go head with your bad self Aaron.

I had a similar experience once and replied:

Darling, Marcos and I put down that life-script handed to us by the church, family and society a long time ago. We realized in order to live our lives honestly we have to create a way of living that was authentic to us. Oh, and BTW get back to me after you've had 18+ year relationship with one person. And, let me know what you have found works for you and your partner. I'm sure whatever it is, my response will be: live and let live.

lelocolon said...

Sometimes I do not get catty queens. They are so rapt up on that heterosexual normative marital configuration often forgetting that sex has nothing to do with love nor relationship. Enjoy your cruising that is your homo right.

Aaron said...

Love that Allan! I may have used some elements from what you said in my next response to him. I hope you don't mind.

Now that I know cruising is a right im gonna have to be more belligerent about its defence :P lol