Friday, October 09, 2009

Attack of the Zombie Software development project

Work has been good the last little while with the exception of that software development project that most of my regular readers will know has become the bane of my existence. We want it done, they want it done. I just want to not have to deal with it anymore.

Also I think I am going to start saving up for one of these. I realized i spend 8 hours a day in this cheap ass uncomfortable chair at work that hurts the hell out of my back. I should invest in something nice.


lelocolon said...
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Aaron said...

Its kind of an offensive 1200 but i think it will be worth it! You only have one ass after all!

lelocolon said...

Sorry Aron I am having problems with my server. Hence the deleted post without no following statement.

Anyway they are beautiful. They are collectable items in my view. Your ass is worth it anyway. Let me know which one you got.