Thursday, October 15, 2009

Disfunction trumps talent in the new media.

Allan S. Hit the nail square on the head about that balloon boy that captured the news media today. About the family using this as a springboard into having a tv show.

Here is my comment on his post:
Something about the whole story as it was unfolding struck me as off. Then when i found out who the family was i knew it even before the balloon came down. I have seen two episodes of wife swap (honest!) and this family was one of them. The Dad is a bit narcissistic and 100% insane and his wife is a total enabler. The whole family was a train wreck. It makes one yearn for the days when fame was based on talent and not insanity.
I think it all ties into the social need we have to feel better than others. I can turn on Jon and kate plus 8 and watch her be a controlling bitch and him being a distant dickhead and feel better that at least i am not as fucked up as those guys. It used to be that fame was based on the principles of meritocracy. The talented cream rose to the top and was rewarded for it. Now it is the rotten apples and the bruised pears that seem to be getting all the attention.

Its almost enough to make one want to shut off the TV. Who am i kidding that will never happen.

**** UPDATE****
I knew it!


Allan S. said...

I calls it, as I sees it!

Kitty said...

The husband is a terrible person who is in love with attention. I suspect more is going to come out about the level of abuse he has inflicted on his wife and children. I will say that I think he has some pretty serious and untreated mental health issues.

Kyle said...

Aaron I just cam over from Kitty's place. Glad I found your blog.