Friday, October 30, 2009

Restoring a mac with Time Machine from a Readynas nv+

We had a macbook pro today that would not boot up. After a quick look at it using the install disk's disk utility it looked like there were some un-solveable disk permission issues in the library most likely due to some sort of software install gone bad.

We store all of our time machine backups on a readynas nv+ which has been a handy tool for us for many applications. I had never restored a system from time machine before so this was an interesting exercise. I found this fantastic tutorial on the readynas support community. The only limitation is that if you follow it when you get to the point to select your readynas share that contains the backup the time machine restore utility can not find it (Snow leopard 10.6.1).

To get around this:
  1. I went into disk utility.
  2. Selected the main HD.
  3. Selected the restore option.
  4. In there you will see a place to select what image you are restoring from. Click on the select or choose option and you will see a finder selection window open up.
  5. From the left hand "Shared" panel find the readynas appliance.
  6. Select your share so that the mounted icon shows up next to it.
  7. Then hit cancel and exit disk utility.
  8. You should return to the time machine restore screen and your backup drive should be displayed on the option list.
After that you are ready to go with your backup.

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