Monday, November 30, 2009

Meet and Greet With Buck Angel: Edmonton Exposure Fest 2009

Sorry for the delay in posting this. Doug was kind enough to take some pictures of the night and I wanted to include them in the post.

The hi-light of Edmonton's queer culture festival this year was by far the career retrospective presentation and meet and greet with Buck Angel. Buck's story has fascinated me for years. I first learned about him in my sociology of gender class waaay back in 2000. Back then it blew my mind that there could be this butch guy who just happens to have a pussy. I was still very much a sheltered suburban kid with no real understanding of gender identity rolls.

The night included a documentary by Buck featuring his best clips from his porn movies interspersed with interviews and news items. It was at times a bit shocking for me but overall really insightful and funny. Buck did a Q & A after which was even better. The night ended at boots where Buck did the meet and greet and I was lucky enough to get a pic with him.

Who would have thought in Edmonton of all places. Thanks to the exposure festival for running such a fantastic set of shows this year!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Music for Fridays that feel like Mondays

I have been on the phone with idiots all morning.

Heres a little taste of the sublime for your friday travels.

Prescilla by Bats for Lashes

And Some:
Southern Belles in london Sing by the Faint

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mother effin tooth

My wisdom tooth has started to act up. Yesterday it started to hurt. Today it is like fucking biting down on a knife.

The surgery for removal is going to cost way too much at this point especially so close to christmas. I am screwed. I am going to blast the heck out of it with peroxide and listerine and hopefully it will stop fucking bothering me for a few months.

Spreading the love

Hey All,
I have updated my blogroll on the right hand side of the page. Removed some dead sites and included some new ones that I have been following. As an additional note feel free to check out my buddy Petie's blog that he just started. He has been commenting on this here web thingy for years now and he makes a fucking fantastic plate of nachos.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Makeover makeover, Makeover!

I am mildly embarrassed to admit it but i am a fan of the ghost hunters tv program. Yes I know it is totally ridiculous about 70% of the time but that 30% of what they do find can be kinda cool.

The biggest problem I have with the show is that all of the guys dress totally douchebaggy. Ill fitting clothes terrible haircuts and way too much hair gel. This seems to be be much worse in the spin off Ghost Hunters International (except for the Irish dude).

If your going to be on an internationally syndicated TV show please at least wear some jeans that fit and for gods sakes stop using dippity doo hair gel. You are not in grade 8 anymore. I want to go all what not to wear on all the guys and give them a proper makeover.

There petty rant of the day over.

Monday, November 23, 2009

If only i was this smart and funny

The mocking of twilight continues.

Need to wash that taste out of my brain

Out of morbid curiosity I downloaded a cam of New moon this weekend. I have to say I am shocked and disappointed that it made so much money. After seeing the train wreck that was twilight I promised myself not a dime of my money would ever touch the stephanie meyer franchise.

It really is apparent that the film is a fail on every level. Normally I could blame the actors or the director for lack of chemistry and poor plotting but i think the problem comes down to the source material. The motivations for the characters are never really fleshed out and the actions they take seem more a feature of "we need to drag this out" rather than the actions of a fully realized character. These people have as much emotional depth as the smurfs (and that is being generous).

For the life of me I can not find one reason why any of them in the love triangle would be interested in the other. It all seems far too forced for my taste. Is it just me but does Robert Patinnson look like a constipated frankenstine monster and not a vampire??

To give my brain a bit of a reboot I watched Children of Men last night. What a fantastic movie. Even the tertiary characters have more depth than the leads of new moon.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Vagaries of the internets

Life has slowly been getting back to normal for me. Let me just say to anyone expecting a smooth transition from leopard server to snow leopard server is in for a few unfortunate surprises and some long nights.

I took friday off for some much needed R&R. Work still managed to phone me for bullshit emergency stuff but I managed to keep it to a minimum. I went to the straight strippers that night as a favour to a buddy who went with us to the Buck Angel career retrospective the week before. I think its odd that my last two fridays have centred around vag. The peelers were depressing and we didn't stay long (why does one hour there feel like 8???). Though the one that did the reverse shimmy up the pole using only her legs to lady gaga's bad romance totally won my respect and kudos.

So thanks to Gauche - O Poeta Bêbado for pointing out something that is totally bizarre yet sort of flattering. If you google image search hot cub my picture shows up on page two. How strange is that?? Its odd how the search algorithm decided on my humble blog for such a high ranking.

I better work it while it lasts and post some semi scandalous pics.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Self sustaining communities: Hakka Circular Houses

It is amazing the tools and solutions cultures come up with. The tools for sustainable development exist and have been around for hundreds of years we just need to get out of our north american superiority bubble to take advantage of it. Fascinating I would to visit one.

Love the whole concept of a self sustaining apartment complex. Check out the gallery here and more about the Hakka people here.

Random Neuron Missfire

It is funny the things that come back to you at random times for no reason at all. I had a memory of a kids show that we watched every day for years that featured sea creature puppets on a blue screen.

I have no idea why it came to my mind. Thank god for google. I doubt this show made it out of canada but you never know so here is a little nostalgia from my childhood. The Waterville Gang

Supertalent Videos vom Casting bis zum Finale bei Clipfish

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Smacked down by a pig

Its likely I have the swine flu. I refuse to believe that this is the dreaded flu everyone is talking about. Yes it has been a crappy 3 days but this isn't that bad. However if im not starting to feel better tomorrow I shall make my was to one of the insanely overwhelmed medi-clinics to see what they can do.

The fella is starting to come out of it, he is even thinking about going to work tomorrow. He has been so super fantastic the last few days. He bought a tub of chocolate peanut butter icecream which was fucking superb annnd he accompanied me to my work tonight to reset a server that was all wonky.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The plague has struck

The fella and I are both coming down with something. I would like to believe this is the common cold and not the swine flu. I am still in the early stages of fighting it.

The pc's have so badly botching our h1n1 vaccine plans to the point where I believe Health Minister Ron Liepert should be charged with gross negligence. There does not seem to be a lot of options for Albertans who do not want to get sick unless of course you are a member of the Calgary flames.

What really kills me (and may actually kill many) is the Leipert has declared the vaccine program a success.

What outrageous arrogance and incompetence. Does it bother anyone else that as Cracked Crystal Ball II pointed out that Winnipeg had 12 clinics and Calgary only had 4?

Monday, November 02, 2009

Octoberfest: Edmonton 2009

Well we managed to survive the weekend's shenanigans. Octoberfest was fun despite how poorly managed the beer delivery system was. The taps were over pressured and as a result everything that was poured was super foamy. It was a 45 min wait in line to get a jug of beer.

I witnessed terrible crimes against beer in that lineup. They would pour the beer from jug to jug. They would then let the foam settle and start the process all over again in an attempt to get a full one with only a little bit of head. By the time you got your full jug the beer was tragically flat and abused. The whole thing was rather disorganized.

That aside we had a fantastic time. The company was great. I ended up throwing together a lame costume. I went as a virgin (i know unexpected right :P). Which was basically me with a V-card in my pocket. I managed to hold onto that v-card all night!

Next year I want to do something more epic for a costume. It just didn't feel right not being dressed up.