Monday, November 30, 2009

Meet and Greet With Buck Angel: Edmonton Exposure Fest 2009

Sorry for the delay in posting this. Doug was kind enough to take some pictures of the night and I wanted to include them in the post.

The hi-light of Edmonton's queer culture festival this year was by far the career retrospective presentation and meet and greet with Buck Angel. Buck's story has fascinated me for years. I first learned about him in my sociology of gender class waaay back in 2000. Back then it blew my mind that there could be this butch guy who just happens to have a pussy. I was still very much a sheltered suburban kid with no real understanding of gender identity rolls.

The night included a documentary by Buck featuring his best clips from his porn movies interspersed with interviews and news items. It was at times a bit shocking for me but overall really insightful and funny. Buck did a Q & A after which was even better. The night ended at boots where Buck did the meet and greet and I was lucky enough to get a pic with him.

Who would have thought in Edmonton of all places. Thanks to the exposure festival for running such a fantastic set of shows this year!


The Crap Blog Detective said...

With a face like that, you should stay in the closet.

Allan S. said...

I think Buck is so damn hot. I've enjoyed a few of his "films."
You look adorable!

Gauche - O Poeta Bêbado said...

I have to finish my article about Buck Angel... been working so much that I didn't have time yet :(

Aaron said...

I had never seen his porn before. It was .. eye opening to say the least.

I am not sure if i'm more scared of vaginas now or less lol

Aaron said...

And thanks for the compliment!