Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mother effin tooth

My wisdom tooth has started to act up. Yesterday it started to hurt. Today it is like fucking biting down on a knife.

The surgery for removal is going to cost way too much at this point especially so close to christmas. I am screwed. I am going to blast the heck out of it with peroxide and listerine and hopefully it will stop fucking bothering me for a few months.


Allan S. said...

Oh lordy wisdom teeth. I've never had them, but have heard they are not cute what so ever. Hang in there buddy. BTW what does Canada offer her citizen's in terms of dental care?

Aaron said...

Emergency dental care is covered 100%

None emergency work such as a minorly infected tooth or a dental visit is covered by mandatory company benefits that anyone working 40 hrs a week gets.

My companies benefits suck hardcore and have determinded that the anesthetic that i need (because I do not freeze like most people) is unnecessary so I am looking at a 1200-1400 bill upfront of which about half will be covered. The 800 dollars of anesthetics not so much.

My co worked is from france and he says they have full dental coverage there and it would cost me maybe 50 dollars for the surgery. A plane ticket there is 1800 bucks. Im thinking about it lol