Monday, November 23, 2009

Need to wash that taste out of my brain

Out of morbid curiosity I downloaded a cam of New moon this weekend. I have to say I am shocked and disappointed that it made so much money. After seeing the train wreck that was twilight I promised myself not a dime of my money would ever touch the stephanie meyer franchise.

It really is apparent that the film is a fail on every level. Normally I could blame the actors or the director for lack of chemistry and poor plotting but i think the problem comes down to the source material. The motivations for the characters are never really fleshed out and the actions they take seem more a feature of "we need to drag this out" rather than the actions of a fully realized character. These people have as much emotional depth as the smurfs (and that is being generous).

For the life of me I can not find one reason why any of them in the love triangle would be interested in the other. It all seems far too forced for my taste. Is it just me but does Robert Patinnson look like a constipated frankenstine monster and not a vampire??

To give my brain a bit of a reboot I watched Children of Men last night. What a fantastic movie. Even the tertiary characters have more depth than the leads of new moon.


Kitty said...

Children of Men is a fantastic movie. I never got the Twilight thing from the start. The lead actors are as dynamic as a bowl of cold oatmeal in my opinion. The CGI on the commercials looked crap, though I may be biased since this franchise holds no interest to me as I like my vamps to be "...for real real and not for play play..."

Eddie said...

Stephanie Meyer will never get a penny of my money either- mainly because she's a Mormon who's church donations go to anti-gay causes.

Aaron said...

The fact that she is mormon makes total sense!