Thursday, November 05, 2009

Smacked down by a pig

Its likely I have the swine flu. I refuse to believe that this is the dreaded flu everyone is talking about. Yes it has been a crappy 3 days but this isn't that bad. However if im not starting to feel better tomorrow I shall make my was to one of the insanely overwhelmed medi-clinics to see what they can do.

The fella is starting to come out of it, he is even thinking about going to work tomorrow. He has been so super fantastic the last few days. He bought a tub of chocolate peanut butter icecream which was fucking superb annnd he accompanied me to my work tonight to reset a server that was all wonky.


Tony said... poor thing. Glad your sweetie is looking after you.

Allan S. said...

I hope the both of you are feeling better.

Kitty said...

Get better soon...both of you.

Brian said...

Hoping you are both on the mend....and getting back your "mojo"! ...always lookin' forward to your comments on the world, guys!