Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Vagaries of the internets

Life has slowly been getting back to normal for me. Let me just say to anyone expecting a smooth transition from leopard server to snow leopard server is in for a few unfortunate surprises and some long nights.

I took friday off for some much needed R&R. Work still managed to phone me for bullshit emergency stuff but I managed to keep it to a minimum. I went to the straight strippers that night as a favour to a buddy who went with us to the Buck Angel career retrospective the week before. I think its odd that my last two fridays have centred around vag. The peelers were depressing and we didn't stay long (why does one hour there feel like 8???). Though the one that did the reverse shimmy up the pole using only her legs to lady gaga's bad romance totally won my respect and kudos.

So thanks to Gauche - O Poeta Bêbado for pointing out something that is totally bizarre yet sort of flattering. If you google image search hot cub my picture shows up on page two. How strange is that?? Its odd how the search algorithm decided on my humble blog for such a high ranking.

I better work it while it lasts and post some semi scandalous pics.

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or.saeros said...

OMFG NICE WORK AARON!!!!!! Many hugs!!!