Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Amazing race finale wrapup

Well Sunday was the amazing race finale. I was surprisingly not invested in it. I was glad that barbie and ken won they kicked ass the whole race. The problem I have with the race is the last 4 or so episodes are never all that good. It was getting hard too root for any of the teams towards the end this season because they were all so grating. Isn't the point of the show to make you want to cheer for someone. After Matt and Gary left the show there really wasn't a likable team left. Granted those two both seemed like actually decent people.

My only hope watching it was the Brian and Ericka would lose. This is not because she was exactly how i would imagine a high maintenance beauty queen to be like aka B-I-T-C-H but because they had to be the luckiest team in amazing race history. How they made it to the final while other more deserving teams did not totally amazes me. Also maybe this is a cultural thing that I am totally missing being Canadian but are interracial marriages still a big deal in the states?? Seriously??

Also I would like to note that if you are one of the many guys and gals searching for Matt Tomljenovich shirtless or wondering if he is gay (these are by far the two most searched terms that lead people here) Here are some answers.

1. Matt Tomljenovich is Not gay. Yes he is a super fucking hot cub. Buut his girlfriend (or someone claiming to be his girlfriend) stated such on my previous post about him that he is very much straight. I have no reason to believe otherwise especially after the hot chick in the sauna. So yes hot, tattooed, outdoorsy, sweetheart aaaand gay was too much to ask for. You will just have to settle for this eye candy i put together.

2. Here are some of Matt shirtless because I know a ton of you guys and girls are lookin for it.

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towelxcore said...

yes she was my girlfriend, at the time, no we are no longer together. thank you for your support. i'm glad people got some entertainment watching me and my dad run around the world. and it is true im not gay sorry. if ya have anyquestions i am on facebook and i do enjoy talking to fans. thanks again for putting me up on your blog.