Thursday, December 03, 2009

Love in the 21st Century

Last night before bed the fella and I were talking. Well mostly I was talking. Here is a rough transcript.

Me: Randomly discussing the merits of getting another cat to keep his cat amused while we are at work.

The fella: Generally grunting and being a sarcastic smart ass.

Me: Well I guess I will stop talking then.

The fella: Good it is after 12:30 you shouldn't be talking anyway.

Me: But I have all of these thoughts and feelings I need to share with you.

The fella: Good you can blog about them and then I can read them at my convenience.

Me: Fine I am going to blog about this and you are going to come off sounding like a jerk.

The fella: Your still talking.

End scene.

Isn't love grand. It was bad enough earlier this week we decided to sync our calendars. Shared calendars are a big step but I think I am ready for it.


PetiePie said...


good ol' Greg.. that's so funny

u really want another cat ?? I thought cats didnt need company.

what calendars did u sync ?

the chocolate advent ones ?

I wouldnt share my chocolate...

Kyle said...

Sounds like a conversation Stan and I would have. Stan would play your part and I would play the fella. Though Stan would not blog about the experience.