Friday, December 11, 2009

Mouthwash for your brain

We finally got around to watching all of our tv shows it is minus 25 right now without the wind chill so there is not much else to do that doesn't involve freezing ones nuts off.

Glee managed to wipe away all the negative vibes I built up this week. Yes it needed more Kurt but overall it was pitch perfect.

30 Rock made me laugh super hard Cheyenne Jackson is so brilliant. When he discovered sarcasm I died.

Top Chef. Kevin deserved it i disliked douchey brother all year but he still managed to pull it off.

Office was so so.

Dollhouse (we only saw the first hour) Honestly this should have been the pilot episode. I loved so much of it. The twists were great the acting was not so terrible.

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PetiePie said...

you spelled terrible wrong !!!