Saturday, December 05, 2009

Snowed in

The fella and I had planned to go do a good chunk of our christmas shopping today and then a wine and cheese tasting tonight. Unfortunately we are experiencing a blizzard that meteorologists say could drop up to 30 cm of snow in some places. We have already seen about 15 cm with drifting being a major problem.

The police have requested that no one not travel any of the roads unless for emergency. All we can hear outside is the constant beeps of the snow plows and the sirens from the police cars. Its like nuclear winter has set in. Makes me think I should move to a warmer climate. So those of you in warmer places go out and enjoy yourself for me tonight we are going to stay in and find ways to pass the time ;)

Image via the Edmonton Journal


PetiePie said...

was that little ' warmer climates' thing directed at me ?

Ruby said...

I feel cold after looking at that photo. I think that I'm going to head outside and enjoy the pretty maple leaves :-)