Wednesday, January 06, 2010

All of me.

All the stress from work last year has taken it's toll on my body. Bad environments and bad habits have been really doing some awful things to me. This time last year I weighed 155 pounds. I wasn't perfect by any means but i fit all of my clothes and I felt healthy which was important for me.Far too much eating out, late night snacking and sitting on my ass has caused me to balloon out to 180 pounds. I don't like this and my ulcer likes this even less.

We have a mexico trip booked for March and I am going to try and drop as much weight as I can so I will be fit enough to enjoy the outdoors. I am shooting for 20 pounds gone in two months. Now some may think that is a lot but my body seems to be able to shed weight fairly easily with adjusted diets and exercise. I am also hoping this will help me and my ulcer (who i have taken to calling cthulhu) get along better. If anyone knows of a good routine that I can do from home ( i have a weight bench) that will help me turn some of this fat into muscle I would love to hear from you.

So here are some shots of me in all of my chubby glory. It looks like the pics have been stretched horizontally alas they have not.


Braden said...

The best things to do, outside of strength training and cardio, are to do things that get your metabolism going.

I have two...things of advice(?)...that seem to work good for me. 1) When you wake up, drink a big glass of water, and make sure you drink lots through out the day. 2) Try to divide your meal schedule into four meals, and adjust the relative size of each meal accordingly.

Some of the girls at work, who are crazy fitness buffs, told me not to focus too much on cardio, and instead do more strength training combined with interval training. So basically, short bursts of intense cardio every three strength training exercises or so. It'll really kick your ass, but it gets the job done in about an hour, or less.

Braden said...

OH I also forgot to mention, the 1st and best method for losing weight is SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT! The Fella would seem to be the ideal candidate.

Allan S. said...

I see the trainers at my gym do a lot of strength training with burst of cardio. Seems like Braden gave you some good advice.

BTW, I think you look hot, but then again it's all about what you are striving for. Get yours papito.

Kyle said...

Aaron, I agree with Braden. Expand the number of meals and adjust the size accordingly. I would focus on the strength training and do the short bursts as he recommended.

I'm pretty sure that will get your metabolism kicked into gear again and get you feeling stronger and healthier. The weight should come off naturally, once your metabolism fires up and you are in that workout routine.

You are beautiful regardless of your weight, but the most important thing is to get you back to the place were you are happy with your weight and your body. Do it for you, not for anything, or anyone else.