Sunday, January 03, 2010

Digital echos from the past

I have been going through my old bookmarks to clean them out for syncing to my new iphone. Yes i am officially 100% mac douche now. YAY. It's funny the things you collect in your bookmarks. I found this sketchy dating compatibility test that from back in the day that i used to gauge my relationships by. I decided to give it one more try before deleting it. Turned out to be fairly good.

There was a time where I took these tests super seriously. Ahh to be 19 and emotionally immature and kinda crazy again...


80% Compatible

♥ Aaron and Greg have been romantically-together for awhile now, indicating a degree of compatibility. Similar personality descriptions are a plus. Aaron may complain that Greg is too sloppy. Their astrological signs are in harmony, though, which is a plus. They share a favorite season, and that is good. And their views on children are similar. Money differences may cause relationship stress. Both are sexually-uninhibited. Overall, Aaron and Greg are quite compatible. There are a few rough spots, but nothing that cannot be overcome. ♥

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1 comment:

Kyle said...

Stan and I are at 78%. I guess that is good, it says so. :)