Thursday, January 28, 2010

High and tight

So I originally had this post done up last night but for some reason the blogger iphone app choked and did not save it.

I cut my hair on Tuesday and it has taken some time but I have gotten used to my new look. I have been cuting my own hair for about a year now, mostly to save some money and due to the fact that all the hair places around oliver seem to be outrageously priced or are terrible (Screw you First Choice Haircutters). It is not for the faint of heart to cut ones own hair (or for the intelligent for that matter). There have been some close calls but things always seemed to turn out ok. Until Tuesday that is. I may have swiped off a bit much in the back and as a result I had to go shorter than I ever had before.

People have been very kind and complimentary but i think they are just being nice. It is still kinda shocking to see it. The plus side is I can now wear tuques without worrying about messing up my hair.

So what do you guys think?
(Sorry about the blurry pic I guess I am not quite ready for my guyswithiphones debut.)


Brian said...

I give it the thumbs up! Like this better than the spikey look...looks calm, cool, and confident. Ever considered going kiddin' :)

Paranoid Jonas !! said...

yoou look soooooooooooo cute