Monday, January 25, 2010

Music for a Chilly monday

Calgary was an awesome time. The drive down was a bit horrendous but we managed to make it through in just over 4 hours. Mostly thanks to Anna's responsible and awesome driving skillz. As most of you know I have pretty bad traveling anxiety and snow and ice on highways only make it worse. Thank god i was able to keep myself busy playing on my iphone, which I am loving more and more every day.

The party was super fun. Great food and great company. Jimmy who's birthday it was has tentatively good taste in music. By this I mean he tends to find some really awesome Diamond in the rough type singers but with that he also likes a lot of things that sound like cats in heat.

Todays monday music item is not of the cat in heat variety. Jim or as he was dubbed or known by his new drag name Lady Jimmy Blah Blah pointed me to this fine singer a little while ago and his kickin playlist on saturday reminded me I needed to post about her.

Think Feist and Sarah Mclachlan with a disco/soul vibe. Florence + the machine have released a really exceptional disk called Lungs. I have been listening to it on my iphone the last couple of weeks and it gets better and better each time.

So enjoy some Florence + the machine: Rabbit Heart (raise it up)

*update* this video below will play in Canada

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