Friday, January 22, 2010

On Growing an Apparent Vagina

How sad is it that I am more excited about the upcoming Lilith Fair concert lineup than I am about Coachella. It may be because im getting old and I dont know who 80% of the the Coachella lineup is. I realize this means i have to forfeit and music cred I have painstakingly built up the last 10 years. Its not like i get a chance to watch the wedge anymore anyway :(

Now it should be noted that my chances of seeing coachella are 0 and lilith is coming to edmonton. It may also have to do with the fact the HEART is on the Lilith lineup. Now I know not all artists play at every venue but i would give my left nut to hear Crazy On You and Barracuda live!

Not to mention the Gossip is on the tour as well. When am I ever gonna get a chance to see them in Edmonton EVER!?!?!? Thats right I never would.

So I will suck it up, buy and wear fair trade sarong built buy a lesbian commune in Malaysia. I will grow my hair long. Luckily I already don't shave my armpits or legs so I will fit in in that respect. I will nurture my new ovaries and speak with words like "gaia", "Paternal Male Hegemony" and "the sociopolitical oppression of the phallus". I will sing kumbaya with my new found sisters to the dulcet tones of a Norah Jones.

Yes I will do all of this and more at Lilith Fair, but when HEART comes out on that stage you better fucking believe I am gonna rock out with my cock out!


Braden said...

Si was originally going to make a comment about how awesome the Coachelle line-up was and how silly you were. Upon reading the Lilith Fair line-up, however, I agree 110% with you. Especially because most of the bands I want to see at Coachella are also touring with Lilith fair, hopefully most of them make the Canadian dates.

Sara Bareilles, Sia and Kate Nash are enough to get me anywhere. And probably to do anything, as well.

Aaron said...

Sia does totally rock and I would love to see her live!

Allan S. said...

you are such a dreamboat annie

Aaron said...


Aaron said...