Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pleases girls completely

For all of my non Canadian readers I feel this post requires some background information. The National Film Board is a government branch dedicated nurturing Canadian artists and film makers. Often this takes form in bizarre and wonderful animations.

The cbc would play these things between programs as filler. There is not a Canadian child around who lived in the 80's who has not heard the log driver's waltz which is probably the most famous of these short films. I think most of us could have sung it off by heart without difficulty before the age of 5.

I was saddened to find out via Simon that folk singer Kate McGarrigle (mother to rufus and martha wainwright), the voice from this classic piece of Canadian passed away today. Sleep well Kate and thank you for the fond memories.

So please enjoy The Log driver's Waltz (also the NFB has a lot of it's catalog online you should really check it out!).


The Geek In Question said...

Whoa! Blast from the past...I STILL knew all the words, heh! Sad to see you go, Kate.

Ian said...

awww, boo :'(

Lesley said...

That is so sad... this was definitely a part of my childhood memories.