Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Webcrimes Case 9 : The case of the big bust!

The fella stumbled upon the biggest webcrime singular bust i have come across in a long time. These guys are prolific! Its not really that any one of the sites they have created is geocities bad but that each one seems so year 2000 bland and derivative. Splashpages??? really? Is it 2001?

The worst is the homepage however that looks like a bridal planning company page or one for a party planner.
Can i ask for an internet moratorium on cursive fonts on webpages? While we are at it please please no more tickertape headlines unless they are dynamically updated rss feeds.

I did the same thing back in the day but there is no place or reason for it on a modern webpage. Didn't you know handwriting is dead anyway?

Enjoy this screen shot and be sure to check out the portfolio.

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