Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why the ipad (and iphone) sucks but will be popular regardless

Apple released it's new shiny toy today. I think it is really lacking in a few features that will eventually come out in future versions and steve jobs will treat them as if they were miracles of modern engineering rather than standard features on any other fucking device.

Now it should be noted that some of these issues are shared with my iphone complaints but some are not related to the OS.

So here is my list of things this should have and will have within the next two years but be treated as premium features even though they are not.
  1. No built in camera of any kind
  2. No built in memory card reader
  3. No standard video out
  4. No USB
  5. No multitasking so you can only run one program at a time. Seriously Microsoft tried to do this with netbook versions of windows 7 which only allowed 3 simultaneous processes and the internets totally lost their shit over it. Other than the jailbreaking crowd I bet you do not hear a peep about this because this is apples MO get people used to a limited feature and treat the limitation itself as a bonus.
  6. No accessible file system so you will not be able to back this bitch up without a pc or mac with itunes on it to sync your files. I don't want a program that syncs my files I want the option to do whatever I want with my files. Like throw them on a usb key etc. Plus iphoto is shit.
My folks are in the market for a device exactly like an ipad. One that is basically for web surfing and email with some media thrown in. However the items above mean I can not suggest that they buy one. I am sure it will sell a billion units to people that don't care about listening to a webcast while typing up a report or chatting online while viewing a movie but I think with the amount of engineering money and know how that was put into this thing the 6 items above should be no brainers.


s4r said...

This has been Apple since day one. Play the consumer for everything they have, then keep releasing a newer product with "features" and sell it for more.

Case in point: iPhone. The first generation iPhone had no 3G, intentionally because they knew that people would want it and they could sell it for more when the second generation came out...which they did. A 2MP camera still didn't cut it and when they third generation iPhone came out, they finally upgraded to a 3MP camera. Big deal.

The multi-tasking ability, or inability, in this case is inexcusable. Apple knows though that it will sell to the consumer. So now I ask the consumer: What will this device actually offer that an iPod touch doesn't? It is essentially a larger iPod touch with a browser lacking Adobe Flash, just like the iPhones.

Apple has been known to take a regular device, standard technology, and talk it up like it is something we have never seen before. Touch screen tablets have been around for a while so it is no surprise to see something like this from Apple. But the fact that Apple purposely limits what you can do with your device is just disappointing.

For those that don't know, the iPhone name was stolen from Cisco, just like the name iPad was stolen from Fujitsu. I refuse to support a company with terrible business practices that treats other companies terribly and customers like Lemmings (which, most Apple consumers are).

Allan S. said...

Wow, they done fucked up!

Aaron said...

Mac rumors has checked out the new sdk for the ipad and it looks like there may be some file sharing features which i really hope makes its way to the iphone os as that is my biggest complaint with my phone