Saturday, February 27, 2010

Music Monday: (on Saturday) Android Love

I remember watching an episode of stargate Universe and seeing a super fierce live show by an incredibly talented singer going on in the background o f a few of the scenes.

I researched who this awesome performer was. She is Janelle Monae.
I have been listening to her concept album Metropolis: The Chase Suite for the last couple of months and I really fucking love it.

Check out this short film she did for her song Many Moons. Chick has got the moves and the voice. Her new album ArchAndroid is going to be out of this world!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Now thats civic planning

Its like the reverse of the Joni Mitchell song. Here is a link to a gallery of an amazing city renewal project from Seoul. It seems they thought of everything including increased public transport to make this wonderful park a reality.

I wish we had the vision and the political will to undertake projects like this.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

bombardier flexity streetcar coming to an edmonton street near you??

As some of you know I am a massive proponent of public transportation specifically in relation to the much much needed expansion of the edmonton LRT system. Here is a video of the Vancouver/ bombardier felxity streetcar in action. It is this kind of low floor street level car that the city (i hope ) is looking at for the Grant Mac to West Ed expansion of the LRT. I wonder how well it will work in heavy snow?

It can not happen fast enough for me!
Check out the video here.

DIamond in the rough

Generally i look upon gossip blogs with a mix morbid fascination and self loathing but gawker today had a very hilarious guide on the different types of gay men. I hate the labels and the barriers they create but the list was rather funny. Gotta love how many of them are bottoms :P

I may just use these archetypes in my epic unfinished/started comic Drag Queens VS. Zombies.

Yes I know best movie concept ever...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Screw You telus and iphone!

From day one there has been issues with my iphone. The biggest being that mms messages would randomly stop working day to day. Sometimes i couldn't send, sometimes I couldn't receive and other times it was both.

Occasionally a reboot or reset of the network settings would make it better for a day or so and then it would experience the same problem as before.

I called telus twice about this and they have "refreshed" my settings whatever that means and it seemed to be good for a bout a week. now its randomly not sending things or receiving. I am getting really annoyed as my old phone had no problem sending pics or text.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Culture fail

We planned to go to the new art gallery today with Lucas. I suppose we technically did go there however it seems the art gallery closes at 7 and they were throwing a fancy party. What we saw of the lobby it was lovely. It sucks that they do not have extended hours for those of us who can not go to it during the day or on weekends.

The two pints of strongbow and an in depth discussion on how humans experience time as the age totally made up for the lack of art gallery action.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Woot new bed!!

So aparently when costco delivers furniture they also put ur together for you!
I super love it but it does take up a ton of space.

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

This does not bode well

I think it is time for a new job...

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stuck on repeat in the great unknown

About three weeks ago I had a very intense dream about being in a coma for a year and a half. The dream was very vivid. In it i came down with a fever that put me into a coma. I wake up to find my family and world has changed a lot and I had some serious brain damage. I was experiencing problems with word finding and having general issues of motor control loss. I was also having psychedelic flashbacks to my time in the coma where apparently I was transported to another world. I wandered a cyberpunk world similar to this one, filled with talking stuffed animals and other random shit. It was like a mash-up from one of my favorite children series as a kid The Odyssey and a Terry Gilliam movie.

Ever since that night I have been having very intense dreams, some good some bad. Many seem to occur in the coma world while others are not. One of the recurring themes throughout all of them is variations on the theme of me not finishing university or missing a class or exam critical to me completing things. This really sucks because university was a generally happy time in my life and I am reliving the unfortunate stressful parts of it over and over again.

This all may be due to our new memory foam mattress. I find I am sleeping deeper on it than on any bed I have ever had before.

I really do not mind the intense dreams even the bad ones are great spurs for creativity. But this whole repetition of the failure due to some personal hubris needs to stop.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Music Monday: Uh OH

I am alternatively hot and cold for Beyonce. This track by VNDLSM samples a small line from her and makes something far superior to the original. It came out years ago but i was reminded by it's awesomeness today when it popped up on a playlist. Listen to it here. Dl here.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sunday at the movies

The fella and I had planned to rent a truck today and clean out his storage unit and get rid of some old mattresses. Unfortunately the ecostation is closed on Sunday which totally sucks because I am not sure when we will have a free weekend again to get rid of all this stuff.

Instead we went with Anna to go see the Book Of Eli. It was a little on the god heavy side and at one point i had to sit back and basically decide to view it as if i were watching something about Greek gods al la Clash of the Titans. Basically i removed all the sociopolitical bullshit that the christianists put out into the world and look at it as if it were based on mythology.

After I did that the movie got much more enjoyable. Well acted (Gary Oldman is always so awesome) and well directed with a fantastic ending. This did the end of the world so much better than Legion did (which was one of the worst movies I have ever seen). Even seeing Mila Kunis kick some ass was enjoyable.

Pleasant surprise: GLBT speed dating at the valley zoo

Edmonton never stops surprising me. With valentines day coming it seems like everyone is preparing for the onslaught of commercialized bullshit and fake sentiment.

The fella and I are celebrating with a bunch of friends by going to see some roller derby. Nothing says I love you like watching girls in hot pants plaster each other all over hardwood.

For you queer singles or swingers the edmonton valley zoo is introducing a gay and lesbian version of the very popular "Animal Attraction: Speed dating" that they hold every year for valentines day. It is the first time they are holding this event and it sounds like it could be a lot of fun and a great chance to meet someone and check out the zoo without any crowds. The clunky name of Same Gender Speed Dating doesn't really speak to me but whatever it sounds like it could be fun!

If anyone goes let me know how it went!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

My fellas

We ar having a lazy Saturday on the couch.

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Sad story for a good soul

Coming out is a difficult process for many of us. I know much of this blog has been dedicated to my own personal journey of self acceptance. It blows my mind to think how hard it would be for someone born into the homophobic world of professional hockey to come out and be proud. Brendan Burke was a brave man, a trailblazer and positive example for all of us who fear what others may think.

He was killed last Friday in a car accident. Far too young and noble to be gone from this world already. My heart goes out to his family and and that of his companion Mark Reedy who also passed away in the accident.

Be good to each other.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Music Monday: A little aussie love (on friday)

(so this was supposed to post on Monday but didn't for some reason).
Via Petie.

If you love the pet shop boys you should totally be listening to The Presets. Darker and wonderful. Here is This Boy's In Love.

The Presets - This Boy's In Love from Modular People on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

New AVATAR the last airbender trailer!!

James Cameron can suck it! The only avatar that ever really mattered was Ang the last airbender.

My all time favorite cartoon is being adapted into a live action movie by M Night Shaymalan. My only hope is that night doesn't fuck it up too bad.

This trailer looks rather promising!

There are no words...

I so wanted to make a joke about blue balls but my mind has been totally ruined by this. NSFW


It seems to have been a busy week for outings. Now we all knew Anderson Cooper is gay so i wouldn't really call that an outing more like a confirmation of what we all knew years ago. No the one that caught me by surprise was the accidental outing of conservative mouthpiece/asshole John Baird by a fellow conservative. I had no idea that he was gay however it has apparently been an open secret in Ontario gay circles. He has never voted against gay's in particular which should have been a tip off but he has instituted programs that fuck over women and minorities and his handling of environmental issues has been dismal so he definitely is a conservative douchebag. He is also one of the worst partisans (though that could be said of anyone one in Harper's inner circle) on the hill. Emily Dee has a fantastic post about him that is worth a read.

I always thought he was kinda hot for a politician. Sorta in that beefy dilf sort of way i just wish he would fix his hair. I know that makes me shallow but whatever its not like im getting boners for Ann Coulter or something. Maybe all he needs is a good thorough poking to get that stick out of his ass!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

So Sexcited!!! Premier of Lost and RuPaul's Drag Race Season 2

Tonight is the season premier of lost!!!
In even more exciting news I managed to find a torrent for RuPaul's Drag Race Season 2. Thanks to This is great because it looks like no network is running it in Canada (screw you much more music) and logo can not stream online to Canada (screw you international distribution agreements).

Shows like these are event television and in today's information streaming live blogging society it makes no sense to delay the premier of a show internationally. It is little wonder mainstream TV networks are dying. The fella and I are already considering dropping our cable tv contract to save money and waste.

Monday, February 01, 2010

They can't all be winners

Saturday was the very first Gear-Up party. A night for guys into uniforms and sports gear. I figured the beef parties were such a huge success that branching out to different groups would be a natural extension.

The night went ok. The turn out was less than i had hoped for but with all the competing events that were going on in both Edmonton and Calgary I should have expected it. I will plan another one next year on a quieter weekend.

Everyone seemed to have a good time and It was nice to get to hang out with Matt and Randall who came up from Red Deer.

I did manage to finalize the date for the next BEEF bear bash and its looking like march 27th will be the big night! Its gonna be a good time I can feel it!