Tuesday, February 16, 2010

DIamond in the rough

Generally i look upon gossip blogs with a mix morbid fascination and self loathing but gawker today had a very hilarious guide on the different types of gay men. I hate the labels and the barriers they create but the list was rather funny. Gotta love how many of them are bottoms :P

I may just use these archetypes in my epic unfinished/started comic Drag Queens VS. Zombies.

Yes I know best movie concept ever...


Allan S. said...

That was funny! And, even more funny that they are ALL listed as bottoms. BTW, if you ever come to NYC let me know in advance. I know every Bear bar out there.

Braden said...

Haha. Actually in Nelson BC we picked up a "Choose your own Gay Adventure" book that was about toxic sludge that turned people into radioactive zombie drag queens. It is probably the greatest thing ever committed to print.

Aaron said...

Allan if i ever make it out east you will be one of the first to know!!

Braden that sounds awesome I often wonder when you see a drag queen in daylight
Drag Queen or Zombie??
But maybe thats just me :P