Thursday, February 04, 2010


It seems to have been a busy week for outings. Now we all knew Anderson Cooper is gay so i wouldn't really call that an outing more like a confirmation of what we all knew years ago. No the one that caught me by surprise was the accidental outing of conservative mouthpiece/asshole John Baird by a fellow conservative. I had no idea that he was gay however it has apparently been an open secret in Ontario gay circles. He has never voted against gay's in particular which should have been a tip off but he has instituted programs that fuck over women and minorities and his handling of environmental issues has been dismal so he definitely is a conservative douchebag. He is also one of the worst partisans (though that could be said of anyone one in Harper's inner circle) on the hill. Emily Dee has a fantastic post about him that is worth a read.

I always thought he was kinda hot for a politician. Sorta in that beefy dilf sort of way i just wish he would fix his hair. I know that makes me shallow but whatever its not like im getting boners for Ann Coulter or something. Maybe all he needs is a good thorough poking to get that stick out of his ass!

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