Sunday, February 07, 2010

Pleasant surprise: GLBT speed dating at the valley zoo

Edmonton never stops surprising me. With valentines day coming it seems like everyone is preparing for the onslaught of commercialized bullshit and fake sentiment.

The fella and I are celebrating with a bunch of friends by going to see some roller derby. Nothing says I love you like watching girls in hot pants plaster each other all over hardwood.

For you queer singles or swingers the edmonton valley zoo is introducing a gay and lesbian version of the very popular "Animal Attraction: Speed dating" that they hold every year for valentines day. It is the first time they are holding this event and it sounds like it could be a lot of fun and a great chance to meet someone and check out the zoo without any crowds. The clunky name of Same Gender Speed Dating doesn't really speak to me but whatever it sounds like it could be fun!

If anyone goes let me know how it went!


Bowie77 said...

I think that "Same Gender Speed Dating" at the Valley Zoo is a great idea. I heard that they bring the animals out for people to meet during the dating. I'm there! Anyone know how to get tickets?

I applaud the Valley Zoo for having the guts to plan this event and I sure hope Edmonton's queer community supports this.


PetiePie said...

speaking of Zoo's did you hear that in Australia they have renamed the 'Fairy Penguins'. They are now called ' little penguins' as they thought it would insult the gays.
how stupid !! they are too cute .. but what a stupid thing to do.. they didnt even ask if we were insulted.. blind fools

Aaron said...

The link for tickets is in the text of the post or you can also go here or by calling 780-221-8535

I dunno petie it sounds kinda offensive to me but im a sensitive bitch like that.