Friday, February 12, 2010

Screw You telus and iphone!

From day one there has been issues with my iphone. The biggest being that mms messages would randomly stop working day to day. Sometimes i couldn't send, sometimes I couldn't receive and other times it was both.

Occasionally a reboot or reset of the network settings would make it better for a day or so and then it would experience the same problem as before.

I called telus twice about this and they have "refreshed" my settings whatever that means and it seemed to be good for a bout a week. now its randomly not sending things or receiving. I am getting really annoyed as my old phone had no problem sending pics or text.

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Ian said...

I know this might sound odd coming from another Mac-hugger, but make the switch to Blackberry! Once you get started on BBM you'll wonder how you did without it.