Tuesday, February 09, 2010

stuck on repeat in the great unknown

About three weeks ago I had a very intense dream about being in a coma for a year and a half. The dream was very vivid. In it i came down with a fever that put me into a coma. I wake up to find my family and world has changed a lot and I had some serious brain damage. I was experiencing problems with word finding and having general issues of motor control loss. I was also having psychedelic flashbacks to my time in the coma where apparently I was transported to another world. I wandered a cyberpunk world similar to this one, filled with talking stuffed animals and other random shit. It was like a mash-up from one of my favorite children series as a kid The Odyssey and a Terry Gilliam movie.

Ever since that night I have been having very intense dreams, some good some bad. Many seem to occur in the coma world while others are not. One of the recurring themes throughout all of them is variations on the theme of me not finishing university or missing a class or exam critical to me completing things. This really sucks because university was a generally happy time in my life and I am reliving the unfortunate stressful parts of it over and over again.

This all may be due to our new memory foam mattress. I find I am sleeping deeper on it than on any bed I have ever had before.

I really do not mind the intense dreams even the bad ones are great spurs for creativity. But this whole repetition of the failure due to some personal hubris needs to stop.

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Allan S. said...

Wow, very interesting. According to my dream dictionary:

Fevers: Indicate you are either worrying too much, or exciting changes are coming.

Illness: Indicates change

Stuffed Animals: I look under toys, and that also indicates change.

You following post indicates a desired change. Time to make that move!