Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sunday at the movies

The fella and I had planned to rent a truck today and clean out his storage unit and get rid of some old mattresses. Unfortunately the ecostation is closed on Sunday which totally sucks because I am not sure when we will have a free weekend again to get rid of all this stuff.

Instead we went with Anna to go see the Book Of Eli. It was a little on the god heavy side and at one point i had to sit back and basically decide to view it as if i were watching something about Greek gods al la Clash of the Titans. Basically i removed all the sociopolitical bullshit that the christianists put out into the world and look at it as if it were based on mythology.

After I did that the movie got much more enjoyable. Well acted (Gary Oldman is always so awesome) and well directed with a fantastic ending. This did the end of the world so much better than Legion did (which was one of the worst movies I have ever seen). Even seeing Mila Kunis kick some ass was enjoyable.

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Lesley said...

I enjoyed this movie too, despite the obvious and not subtle undertones regarding religion. I liked how it made you think about things like how we have much more than we need and don't maybe appreciate that fact like we should. That and the ideas surrounding religion and how some view it as power over the weak and some see it as a saviour... interesting at the very least and like you said well acted.