Monday, February 01, 2010

They can't all be winners

Saturday was the very first Gear-Up party. A night for guys into uniforms and sports gear. I figured the beef parties were such a huge success that branching out to different groups would be a natural extension.

The night went ok. The turn out was less than i had hoped for but with all the competing events that were going on in both Edmonton and Calgary I should have expected it. I will plan another one next year on a quieter weekend.

Everyone seemed to have a good time and It was nice to get to hang out with Matt and Randall who came up from Red Deer.

I did manage to finalize the date for the next BEEF bear bash and its looking like march 27th will be the big night! Its gonna be a good time I can feel it!

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Brian said...

Thanks for the update on the next Bear Bash, Aaron...and for all the work you and your buds do to make it a success!

I was this close to changing my mind ....yet again..and coming up for the Gear-up party. Other priorities intervened. And I was gonna go with other guys I had invited, but they all had committments.
Guess I'm still just a little shy too. I checked out Boots for the first time last Sunday night on my way home from was OK! In addition...I really had NO clear idea what I wanted to wear lol. Whaddya do with us newbies...grin.

Just need to dive in and see what the water's like, I guess! Planning to gather some guys for the next Beef Bash. Also thinking about the Leather,Fur and Feathers shindig on Feb 27..I plan to go whether I have anyone else here to go or not! This Lloydminster boi needs to get "out" once in awhile!