Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Despicable Dr. Levin turns out to be a fucked up gay

Dr. Levin a semi famous douchebag in gay history (I had heard about him in my deviance and sexual identity classes at university). Another person famous for persecuting gays who turns out to be a big old closeted homo. I am not really surprised at all. This guy was particularly terrible applying shock treatment and other torture in an attempt to cure soldiers of being gay. You have to hate yourself a lot to be able to do that to others. How the fuck he managed to get a job in Calgary of all places I will never understand.

Between this and welcoming Anne Coultier here with open arms a few weeks ago perhaps Alberta's new slogan should be Welcome all haters! You have to admit it is a little catchier than the current turkey of a slogan Freedom to create spirit to achieve.

If I believed in hell I would wish this man a special place in it. But since I don't all I can hope for is that he is appropriately punished. Perhaps maybe he should get a taste of the chemical castration or shock therapy that he forced on innocent gay men. He may be a big old mo but i have no fucking sympathy for people who take internal acceptance problems out on others.

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