Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dreams of the pipe and stone variety

As many of you know I have been actively thinking about selling my condo. The building just isn't for me anymore. The place was a great start but I am ready for a place where i can actually BBQ and have friends over without worrying about my insane senile upstairs neighbors complaining. Seriously I can't even turn on the ceiling fan in my bedroom as it causes a vibration on their floor.

The area we are looking in is small and the budget is super limited. We both love the neighborhood (Oliver) and I definitely don't want to move away from it. Housing options are limited but in my ideal world we would buy one of those vacant lots and build one of these houses.

Green roof, third floor patio, open concept, low energy use and Canadian designed and built fuck yeah! Alas I think it would be way out of my price range :(.

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Kyle said...

Awesome design Aaron! Maybe you could built bit by bit, to save on some of the costs, or wait a bit longer until green building and green energy supply prices(and labor) come down more. Just try to do the best you can with what you have to spend. we couldn't get all of the things we wanted up front. Many of the greenest projects for our house will come in the next two decades. Right now they are way above what we can afford to buy.