Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'll have another

Mayor Stephen Mandel has decided to run for a third term here in Edmonton. Part of me thinks this is great and another part of me thinks it may not be such an awesome idea. Mandel has managed to get things done that were near and dear to my heart expanding the LRT and getting the downtown stadium going are two things that seem to stick out in my mind. But after two fairly successful terms I have to wonder if it would not be better to have someone with some fresh ideas and perspective. Ward 5 Counselor Don Iveson who runs a good but seldom updated blog comes to mind as a great candidate. I have also heard from a few insiders that Mandel can be a bully. On the flip side sometimes you have to be a dick to get things done.

Edmonton has some great potential one only needs to look at the potentially progressive Municipal Development Plan to see there are some people that get that we need to make some changes if we are to prosper not just in the next 4 years but in the next 40.

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