Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In the rain

I walked to work in the rain today. Spring is here and as much as I am glad that winter seems to be leaving this town I hate how Edmonton is covered in a dusty grimy mess that the winter leaves behind. I was extra glad for the rain today it was helping clean things up and the air smelled so wonderful.

I really want a good downpour to really clean everything up and get the grass and trees a kickstart!

As a side note how awesome was Rupaul's Drag Race?? Henry Rollins is one hot intellectual muscle bear. I want 4 of them.


Allan S. said...

Rollins can do anything, at anytime, with me. I'm his bottom bitch. I squealed when I saw him getting into the drag performances.

Kyle said...

Our rain was taking a little more away than the grey dust, sand, and salt from winter. I'm very excited to see the early signs of spring too.

turnipHed said...

Those meaty hands of his - all I can say is DAYUM!