Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Service with a smile

I went to the clinic today for testing. I think its an important part of any sexually active adults health routine to get tested regularly. If you are getting laid go get tested!

Now there is no way the process is going to be pleasant. There is the uncomfortable waiting in the waiting room with various stressed out and sketchy characters. This was made worse by the fact that i screwed up when my appointment was and was 30 min late so they booked me in as a walk-in. It wasn't so bad there was a terrible movie staring crory haim as a guy who cross dresses to avoid bullies and get closer to the girl of his dreams. It was total 80's dreck but in a fantastic way.

After an hour of waiting they finally saw me and the nurse was a total sweetheart. She kept apologizing for everything. The amount of time i had to wait the number of people in the waiting room, the awkward questions she had to ask and the awkward things we had to do each was followed by multiple apologies. She was really sweet and we joked around throughout the whole process.

It was probably the most pleasant trip I have ever had there. Now if only there was a way to avoid the whole painful q-tip in the penis bit I would have been more than fine!

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Brian said...

Aaron, your experience sounds very similar to mine! As a fairly new guy on the scene, I think it's important too.
I was tested last Thursday,and the most stressful part was getting in on time from Lloyd. I'm a procrastinator and left from here for a 5.00 pm appointment at 2.45 pm..really smart I know! Road rage set in as I faced rush hour traffic downtown at the hour drew nigh. Got in at 5.10 just in time to avoid walk in status! The staff were all pretty cool getting all the forms done.
My nurse was fantastic and friendly! Professional and efficient, she went thru the questions quickly but thoroughly, but I felt like I was treated like a person at all times and not judged. And yeah the questions are pretty personal...but totally necessary!

And oh yes...the ubiquitous urethral swab..umm.... I think I preferred getting the needle for the blood sample. But hey I got ALL the tests done, and was out within 40 minutes...pretty damn good! And beat that nasty snowstorm home...LOL...I lead a charmed life sometimes I think :)

In case guys don't can get your Hep A and B shots for FREE at the STD Clinic on Jasper Ave (where I was). Everywhere else charges....up to 140 that really hurts! I plan on getting mine tomorrow when I go for my test results.....wish me luck!

As a man who is now ready for a stable LTR with a nice fella...the worst way to start off is to give the gift of an STD or I want to make sure I'm clean before I do that !

Hope this isn't preaching..but there's been a couple of times I haven't taken's just not worth it, guys ! Play safe :)