Friday, April 23, 2010

Things you should know about my body

Got my test results back from the clinic today. In highschool and university I always loved getting tests back. It was always like a nice present you got for doing good work. I know clinic testing is much different but for some reason I still get the same feeling of anticipation in my gut. Everything came back clear/negative so that is awesome as well!

I started a new diet to help get my ulcer troubles under control. Its a modified south beach diet that starts out very strict and then requires some lifestyle changes. As many of you know i have a complicated relationship with food. The best part so far is I get to eat as much meat as I want so I am not hungry and its forcing me to make my own meals. I have also started to have breakfast every morning for the first time ever. I started on monday and so far my stomach has been great and haven't had to take an anti acid pill all week!

I have been sleeping better and generally feel good. We will see if I can keep it going. The weekends are always the hardest for me to keep things under control.


Allan S. said...

Do your think papito! It's awesome that you are making strides to go along with your efforts.

mythoughtballoons said...

Its nice to read a blog post where someone is just happy to be healthy.