Saturday, April 24, 2010

What have you done for your earth today?

Sooo I neglected to talk about earth day. I am sure some of you were a little surprised that my liberal pinko commie earth loving ass didn't have a thing to say on the day we are really supposed to focus on saving our planet from ourselves.

This was mostly due to the fact that what I did was a surprise for Nessa my brothers occasional girlfriend and my former roomate. She recently totaled her 1989 hyundai sonata and since yesterday was her birthday I decided to give her condi my ever faithful 1989 toyota cressida.

Condi was not getting the attention she deserved she sat for 3 months in the condo parking lot without being moved once. I tend to walk everywhere I need to go and if we do need to drive somewhere Greg prefers to take his accent. So we are now a 1 car couple. This is gonna save us both money as now I don't have to pay for insurance and Greg doesn't have to pay for the extra parking spot.

I am going to miss Condilezza (so named by Mr. Hurley). She had a really cool environmental control system that popped out of the dashboard (james bond style) and i spent hours seriously upgrading her sound system. She is in good hands however I hope :P


Allan S. said...

I did some gardening, and laid out new grass seeds. Oh and I used spit as a lubricant so as not to pollute our precious waterways, after clean-up.

Aaron said...

Eco friendly and super hot! Well done Allan :P