Thursday, May 20, 2010

Emerging from the depths

Sorry for my lack of involvement here. I have been a little disconnected from the world trying to fix my macbook pro which was randomly freezing on me. 4 reinstalls and much frustration later and I think It is doing ok (as in the fucking thing has not frozen on me yet today). I have about 400 items in my news feed to read through and tons to do at work so until I can catch up I am sure posting will be sparse.

I was reading about what makes a good blog on 43 folders yesterday and it was talking about what makes a good blog, passion frequency and identity. All of the things I have felt this blog has been missing for a while.

Being as busy as I have been working at an insane job and having a fantastic boyfriend and social life makes for fairly boring reading. I always find it hard to be creative when I am happy and not stressed out. Its this whole bipolar aspect of my personality that when I am at my breaking point ideas flow out of me like a fountain. I have this constant feeling in my gut that is telling me to DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING I actually imagine the voice is Warren Ellis after 7 red bulls and a few shots of whiskey.

I want to learn how to use brushes in adobe or corel paint. I want to be able to finish some art I have been working on. I want to be more involved in civic politics and the edmonton Blogging/twitter scene. I want to be a voice for LGBT people and fighter of conservative power and proponent of equality. I want to mock more websites for being poorly designed.

This blog was intended to be an extension of my brain on the web. A place where I could go and reflect, produce and rant. Those three aspects of myself have been in short supply as of late. So today I am making a pledge to myself to DO SOMETHING every day. I need to start doing some brain yoga or else I am going to become boring.

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