Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Review: The last airbender

Just got out of the sneak preview for The last airbender. Being a massive fan of the cartoon I went in with a bunch of concern as to whether M. Night Shaymalan fucked up the source material beyond redemption.

My Biggest complaint from the whole thing was the supposed 3d. Now we saw it for free but if i had paid extra for 3d i would have been livid. The opening credits were clearly filmed in 3d and show the potential it could have had for this film. At no point after the opening did i notice any sort of 3d effect. Do not wast your time or money on the 3d version. I am really sick of studios releasing films using this bullshit post production 3d its a rip off and they need to stop.

You can tell he loves the source material. There are so many cool nods to the cartoon however it all feels a bit hollow. Relationships are not nurtured and the audience is not given the connective tissue that fleshes out what connects the characters. I totally understand the need to get the movie in at a reasonable time but it really feels like there was about 30-45 min of character development missing replaced with clunky narration or short montages. Why not show us the growing relationship between Sokka and Yue rather than tell us given the fact that we are supposed to feel something for these characters at the climax of the film?

The child actors were ok again i think they were hampered by a weak script. I thought Jackson Rathbone was really standout as Sokka but by far the best was Shaun Toub who played uncle Iroh.

The effects were by far the best part of the whole affair. They really nailed each of the bending powers. So many WOW moments were due just to the slick production.

So if your a super fan or have kids check it out just for the effects they will love it. If not check it out on rental some time or better yet check out the cartoon as it is still far superior to this film.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Nerdgasm!!! Avatar (the real avatar) Preview!

So Nessa in all of her brilliance managed to score us tickets to the advance showing of The Last Airbender on Wednesday. I am concerned about M. Night Shyamalan's ability to pull off the goofy kick ass Avatar (no not the james cameron movie) world.

Originally I was going to have to wait till after the big gay rodeo this weekend to see it with the fella. I will post a review on my thoughts about the various controversies after actually seeing the film.

Till then here is the trailer:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Unite the left

If the list of topics up for discussion at the potentially ultra right wing wildrose party convention doesn't scare the liberals and NDP into cooperating and stop acting like spoiled children nothing will.

Shut it down

Locals will probably be pretty familiar with the ongoing saga of the Edmonton Municipal Airport. It has been slated to close and I for one can not wait for that to happen. In fact as far as I am concerned it can not happen soon enough. Lets get a brand new community built on the lands already.

I live under the flight path for the muni and honestly it's noisy chokehold on the city has cramped downtown Edmonton's growth to the benefit of the few wealthy individuals and Oil execs for far too long.

It was frustrating to see this asinine group Envision Edmonton appear and attempt to drag up the issue of keeping it open. They were claiming to have no direct investment in the airport staying open. I was rather pleased with MasterMaq totally scooping the mainstream media in finding out unsurprisingly that many (if not all) have direct reasons to keep the muni open.

I totally get and understand that establishment types (aka rich white dudes) make a lot of the decisions about how a city and the world is run. My brief experiences in politics and campaigns has explicitly shown me this. So it is no surprise that those same wealthy guys are all sorts of pissed that the city taking away their playground. They are going to do everything they can to make this a big issue for the civic election.

I understand that there are livelihoods on the line here with the closing of the muni but I firmly believe the overall economic benefit of closing it will far outweigh the costs.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Music Monday: Lets get you harder

On the way home from a fantastic pool party in calgary the fella and I managed to catch a Larry Flick interview with Scissor Sisters Jake Shears and Babydaddy. (btw who knew that Larry was an adorable bear???) They have a long awaited new disk is coming out at the end of the month and I am super fucking excited.

These guys have been the soundtrack to my gay life. I thought the interview was fantastic even better was the glimpse of the album they gave us. I hope they don't take this down but here is Harder you get by the Scissor Sisters. It seems like a dark 80's song to me I can't wait for the video.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wet in the city

One of the great gems of downtown Edmonton is the legislature grounds. The fella and I swung by to get our feet wet in the fountains there. Such great weather. Man my glasses are crooked.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

So bad it is good

If you are not watching Bitchin Kitchen on the food network you need to. It is bizarre in the best way imaginable.
The host is this rocker chick who's Italian accent wavers between russian and french and who tells viewers to go fuck themselves.
This is my kind of cooking show.

Odd talent

Does anyone else find it strange that America's Got Talent is judged by two Brits and a Canadian?

Ahh font humour

You know deep down in the darkest recesses of my soul there is a part of me that I perpetually want to punch in the face and that I hate to admit still enjoys Comic Sans. I am glad I am not the only one.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Things you should know about my body continued

Today was my weekly weigh in. This weekend was a rough one for my diet as it was filled with junk food and sugary boozy drinks. I was expecting it to be worse than it was but I am still not happy with my result. I am 169 up 3 lbs.

Pride was great for my ego however as I had a lot of people asking me if I had lost weight and some compliments. I am definitely going to be working harder at this to drop the 14 pounds I want to for vancouver pride.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Truly awesome

I can now go to bed happy. True Blood season premier was totally batshit crazy and I loved it. Also the io9 recap was awesome! Summer can now begin!

Edmonton Gay Pride Parade 2010

Well it was a heck of a weekend. Kudos to the organizers and everyone that came out on saturday for the GLTB Pride parade. What a great event. The weather was awesome and the company was great.

I threw a 10 am kick off party at the condo where i made everyone some strawberry mango daiquiris to prime everyone up for a fantastic event. Had about 18 people at the condo and I think that was still my favourite part of the day. The parade was fun and the beer gardens were ok.

I have had bad luck at pride. Something always seems to happen that mars the day somewhat. I guess when you get that many gays in one place someone is going to try and start some drama. Invariably that occurred and i decided to head home. Too much heat, booze and bitchiness.

I had a hell of a nap and then we headed out to the Pure Pride Party. Again it was a fantastic venue with a great turn out. We were all pretty bagged however and ended up heading home around 1 am.

I did come to the realization that I am pretty much done with drinking. I was having much more fun making drinks for others than I was myself. These last few months have shown me how easy it is not to drink and how much better my body feels without it. The more i think about it the more I realize it isn't worth it. I am getting to the age where I have to start making better habits if I am going to make it past 60. Now I am not saying I will never have a beer again but I am pretty sure my marathon partying days are over and not a single part of me is sad about it.

Happy Pride Edmonton!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

If my Baba were a Sea lion

Cute story It reminded me of the time i tried not to have seconds at my Baba's house.

Die couch from Hell DIE!

My condo is notoriously harsh on couches. Lots of hard use from cubs and bears can really take its toll on any furniture but it seems especially bad on my couch. In the three years I have been here I have managed to kill three couches and we are now on our fourth.

The first one was a cheap leather couch from Macini furniture. Seriously never buy cheap furniture there is a reason the whole set cost me 1200 bucks. It was made with plywood and staples and not much else. That couch lasted about 6 to 8 months.

Couch number 2 was from Leons. It was supposed to be a high end leather with a hidabed which was going to be great for when we had guests sleeping over. After the first use the hidabed frame ended up basically collapsing. I called Leons and they promised to replace it within 3 months. Almost 12 months later after repeated calls and getting the run around endlessly they finally replaced the couch. You see the problem was once the frame bent the cushions no longer sat properly over top of the hidabed frame. They were constantly sliding off making it the most uncomfortable couch ever.

Couch number 3 came and was identical to number 2. I was happy with it until the first time we had house guests and the same fucking problem happened. Facing another year long replacement process was not an option so we decided to switch it out with the one in the fella's storage unit.

Couch 4 is awesome but we had to store the 3rd couch in the back room. The couch was just as evil and uncomfortable as couch 2. We finally shipped it off to my parents place today and now we have a work out room ready to go in the spare bedroom!

So here is your lessons:
1. Cubs and bears need real beds with firm support or air mattresses that they can not break
2. Cheap furniture costs you more in the long run.
3. Leon's makes shitty shitty furniture and has questionable customer service.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Edmonton Pride and New beginnings for BEEF

While I am still working on a venue and details for the BEEF Bear Bash I do know that it will be happening some time in August (tentatively August 14th). We have a ton of hard decisions to make about it but I think once everything is said and done it will be a massive success and the biggest party yet.

It is so strange how the closing of a gay bar really can rip the rug out from under people. Boots being gone has really left me without my gay socializing home base. We will be passing these cards out this weekend at the edmonton pride parade.

If you see me say hello! It sounds like the weather is going to be perfect.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Thought of the day.

Music Monday - (on tuesday) Painted by Sounds

I had almost forgotten about The Sounds. I found out about them when I was obsessing over other bands like The Ting Tings and Semi Precious Weapons. They popped onto my iphone today. Upbeat fun dance music how can you go wrong?

Torchwood on Starz!

I could not have picked a better union of homoliciousness. Torchwood on the same network as Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Hells yes!!

I was very concerned when I found out that Russell T. Davies was shopping the show to fox. While Fox has made some great strides in it's treatment of the GLTB community (mostly due to Glee) I worried that it would be a stifling environment for John Barrowman's Captain Jack. Sounds like they are going to have a much bigger budget for the 10 episode series! Hopefully being on Starz will allow Torchwood to branch into the more adult themes it only flirted with.

I figured it would take a hell of a lot for me to get over what happened to Ianto and this might do it. I am super glad that Gwen is coming back because that means her adorable hubby should be returning as well.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Safari 5 - Quick review

Hidden in the hubbub of all the iphone 4 crazy today was the release of Apples new web browser Safari 5. I downloaded it immediately after hearing that it would have built in support for extensions and improved performance.

I use safari almost exclusively since firefox was bogging my macpro down. I have been playing with opera because it has some really sweet features but it is buggy and seems about 2 versions away from prime time.

The new top sites page has a few minor tweeks but what is really awesome is the inclusion of the history tab. This brings the history flow feature that was buried in version 4. I actually think I may use it in this version. The browser may be hard review at this point until some real extensions get built for it and not ugly SIMBL hacks or application wide system processes. It would be nice to have a real xmarks of adblocker plugin.

The coolest addition is the reader button that pulls an article's information off of a webpage and displays it as if it was a pdf or word document without all the distractions on the site. I have played with that the most and it is very very slick.

In some ways this application is a disappointment as it supposed to represent the cutting edge in the web. It falls short in a few areas:
No ability to sync web-history or bookmarks across browsers (without using tethered sync or apples outrageously expensive mobileme service). This is something that opera and firefox are both exploring and an area apple could really leapfrog people on.
No plugins available yet (not apple's fault).
Not a ton of html5 sites to play on (also not apple's fault).

Friday, June 04, 2010

When you need shades for your shades

My new photochromatic glasses came today in the mail. They are the kind that turn into sunglasses outside in the light. They were a super cheap deal on zennioptical.

Too orange?

Morning Mind fuckery

If you are not reading Warren Ellis' FreakAngels you are missing out. That guy is so fucked in the head. Dude can write real Sci Fi. Available online and in store.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

End of an Era

Boots bar the location where I host the bear parties and have spent the majority of my gay adult life is closed as of today. It has been in slow decline for years now and with the passing of it's owner Jim in the spring marked the end of it.

Opened in 1979 it spent 31 years welcoming everyone through its doors. It was one of the oldest gay bars in western canada and saw a lot of history in those 31 years.

Hopefully something good will come out of this. I don't know where we are going to go now. I am calling an emergency cub meeting tonight to figure out what we are going to do.

The public humiliation Diet or Things you should know about my body cont.

I have been trying to change my body through changing my lifestyle for the past couple of months now. With this stomach flu I have been fighting its been a very tough slog the last couple of weeks.

I found Drew Magary's public humiliation diet on the gawker network last week. It is surprising how similar the methods we were using to change our weight. As part of the diet Drew weighed himself daily to keep himself accountable publicly which I think is what my lifestyle change regime has been missing. So every day to this blog I will be posting my weight and successes and failures.

So today's weight is : 166 down about 16 from my biggest and about 11 away from my goal weight. I have some super healthy light tuna salad pitas for lunch today so I am anticipating success.