Thursday, June 10, 2010

Die couch from Hell DIE!

My condo is notoriously harsh on couches. Lots of hard use from cubs and bears can really take its toll on any furniture but it seems especially bad on my couch. In the three years I have been here I have managed to kill three couches and we are now on our fourth.

The first one was a cheap leather couch from Macini furniture. Seriously never buy cheap furniture there is a reason the whole set cost me 1200 bucks. It was made with plywood and staples and not much else. That couch lasted about 6 to 8 months.

Couch number 2 was from Leons. It was supposed to be a high end leather with a hidabed which was going to be great for when we had guests sleeping over. After the first use the hidabed frame ended up basically collapsing. I called Leons and they promised to replace it within 3 months. Almost 12 months later after repeated calls and getting the run around endlessly they finally replaced the couch. You see the problem was once the frame bent the cushions no longer sat properly over top of the hidabed frame. They were constantly sliding off making it the most uncomfortable couch ever.

Couch number 3 came and was identical to number 2. I was happy with it until the first time we had house guests and the same fucking problem happened. Facing another year long replacement process was not an option so we decided to switch it out with the one in the fella's storage unit.

Couch 4 is awesome but we had to store the 3rd couch in the back room. The couch was just as evil and uncomfortable as couch 2. We finally shipped it off to my parents place today and now we have a work out room ready to go in the spare bedroom!

So here is your lessons:
1. Cubs and bears need real beds with firm support or air mattresses that they can not break
2. Cheap furniture costs you more in the long run.
3. Leon's makes shitty shitty furniture and has questionable customer service.

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Allan S. said...

I can't even think about a couch right now. I'm still trying to find a summer sandal. Thank you for the added stress Aaron.