Monday, June 14, 2010

Edmonton Gay Pride Parade 2010

Well it was a heck of a weekend. Kudos to the organizers and everyone that came out on saturday for the GLTB Pride parade. What a great event. The weather was awesome and the company was great.

I threw a 10 am kick off party at the condo where i made everyone some strawberry mango daiquiris to prime everyone up for a fantastic event. Had about 18 people at the condo and I think that was still my favourite part of the day. The parade was fun and the beer gardens were ok.

I have had bad luck at pride. Something always seems to happen that mars the day somewhat. I guess when you get that many gays in one place someone is going to try and start some drama. Invariably that occurred and i decided to head home. Too much heat, booze and bitchiness.

I had a hell of a nap and then we headed out to the Pure Pride Party. Again it was a fantastic venue with a great turn out. We were all pretty bagged however and ended up heading home around 1 am.

I did come to the realization that I am pretty much done with drinking. I was having much more fun making drinks for others than I was myself. These last few months have shown me how easy it is not to drink and how much better my body feels without it. The more i think about it the more I realize it isn't worth it. I am getting to the age where I have to start making better habits if I am going to make it past 60. Now I am not saying I will never have a beer again but I am pretty sure my marathon partying days are over and not a single part of me is sad about it.

Happy Pride Edmonton!

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