Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The public humiliation Diet or Things you should know about my body cont.

I have been trying to change my body through changing my lifestyle for the past couple of months now. With this stomach flu I have been fighting its been a very tough slog the last couple of weeks.

I found Drew Magary's public humiliation diet on the gawker network last week. It is surprising how similar the methods we were using to change our weight. As part of the diet Drew weighed himself daily to keep himself accountable publicly which I think is what my lifestyle change regime has been missing. So every day to this blog I will be posting my weight and successes and failures.

So today's weight is : 166 down about 16 from my biggest and about 11 away from my goal weight. I have some super healthy light tuna salad pitas for lunch today so I am anticipating success.

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