Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Review: The last airbender

Just got out of the sneak preview for The last airbender. Being a massive fan of the cartoon I went in with a bunch of concern as to whether M. Night Shaymalan fucked up the source material beyond redemption.

My Biggest complaint from the whole thing was the supposed 3d. Now we saw it for free but if i had paid extra for 3d i would have been livid. The opening credits were clearly filmed in 3d and show the potential it could have had for this film. At no point after the opening did i notice any sort of 3d effect. Do not wast your time or money on the 3d version. I am really sick of studios releasing films using this bullshit post production 3d its a rip off and they need to stop.

You can tell he loves the source material. There are so many cool nods to the cartoon however it all feels a bit hollow. Relationships are not nurtured and the audience is not given the connective tissue that fleshes out what connects the characters. I totally understand the need to get the movie in at a reasonable time but it really feels like there was about 30-45 min of character development missing replaced with clunky narration or short montages. Why not show us the growing relationship between Sokka and Yue rather than tell us given the fact that we are supposed to feel something for these characters at the climax of the film?

The child actors were ok again i think they were hampered by a weak script. I thought Jackson Rathbone was really standout as Sokka but by far the best was Shaun Toub who played uncle Iroh.

The effects were by far the best part of the whole affair. They really nailed each of the bending powers. So many WOW moments were due just to the slick production.

So if your a super fan or have kids check it out just for the effects they will love it. If not check it out on rental some time or better yet check out the cartoon as it is still far superior to this film.

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ReneƩ said...

Thanks for the review. I was going to go see it but since I don't fall into the superfan/child rearing category I'll wait for it to come out On Demand.