Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shut it down

Locals will probably be pretty familiar with the ongoing saga of the Edmonton Municipal Airport. It has been slated to close and I for one can not wait for that to happen. In fact as far as I am concerned it can not happen soon enough. Lets get a brand new community built on the lands already.

I live under the flight path for the muni and honestly it's noisy chokehold on the city has cramped downtown Edmonton's growth to the benefit of the few wealthy individuals and Oil execs for far too long.

It was frustrating to see this asinine group Envision Edmonton appear and attempt to drag up the issue of keeping it open. They were claiming to have no direct investment in the airport staying open. I was rather pleased with MasterMaq totally scooping the mainstream media in finding out unsurprisingly that many (if not all) have direct reasons to keep the muni open.

I totally get and understand that establishment types (aka rich white dudes) make a lot of the decisions about how a city and the world is run. My brief experiences in politics and campaigns has explicitly shown me this. So it is no surprise that those same wealthy guys are all sorts of pissed that the city taking away their playground. They are going to do everything they can to make this a big issue for the civic election.

I understand that there are livelihoods on the line here with the closing of the muni but I firmly believe the overall economic benefit of closing it will far outweigh the costs.

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