Saturday, July 10, 2010

Being a productive on a saturday

Today has been super busy in a good way. The fella and I went to the Edmonton downtown city market that they set up on 104 Street. The farmers market was pretty busy and we managed to bump into some friends while we were sampling the wares and some great three chilli cheese bison smokies.

I picked up some organic locally produced organic goat cheese and some fresh veggies.

When we got home the fella started cleaning the condo (which was desperately needed) and doing laundry while I went about making some chicken breasts stuffed with goat cheese, sundried tomatoes, onions and some balsamic vinegar. It was sooo good.

We also watched Doomsday which was a surprisingly good post-apocolyptic movie. Loved the action the random bits of humour and the creative ways they came up with beheading (seriously it seems to be a big feature of the film). It had so many different cool elements and the lead Rhona Mitra (now on Startgate SGU) actress kicked ass.

Tonight its off the the bear swim at Eastglen pool which should be nice for a cool off.

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