Thursday, July 08, 2010

Recovery mode initiated

I am finally feeling human again after the CRIR rodeo. I have to say this was by far the most enjoyable rodeo yet! Argra really put on a good show for us.

Our pink shirts that we got to help promote a high school Gay Straight Alliance were a big hit
we all had our pictures taken a lot.We managed to fit in so much fun this year we figured there is no way to top it next year. So next year the fella and I are going to switch it up and participate in the actual rodeo. This year Argra threw a rodeo school for beginners which was a huge success. The fella and I are going to participate in that and I am finally going to participate in a few events. I sort of accidentally found a team for Wild Drag and maybe the Steer Deco and I will for sure be doing the Chute Doggin.

I am so excited about next year at this point! I have been wanting to participate in this for a long time and having a team is going to finally make me commit to it which is great.

Here are some pics from the event.


Allan S. said...

How cool you guys represented. What did the t-shirts have printed on them?

Aaron said...

On the Front they said
"Some people are gay"
On the back they said
"and thats ok"
They were a huge it

Allan S. said...

Love it!