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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Yes please: hockey beef

Yes please via
Which reminds me I need to start working out again if I am going to play hockey this fall!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

goo goo for gaga

We just got back from the lady gaga concert. It was like being at a southern baptist church for queerdome. We stood up we sat down we sang we danced and we celebrated our inner freaks. Say what you will about gaga and her use of artifice the chick can fucking sing and she connects with that little twink that is self conscious about everything.

My inner twink was well satisfied at the alter of gaga.

I have to say our seats were not the best we were in row 51 (there are only 52 rows) in section 336 so you could not get higher but we were right in line with the stage which gave us a pretty sweet viewpoint.

Everything was so awesome the costumes, the lighting, the sets, the super hot androgynous drag queen dancers. We even had fun in line waiting to get in playing spot the straight.

What a great night.

catepillar action

This made me snort out loud in my office today. Via regretsy.

It must have been all that tight lycra

The original Blue Power Ranger David Yost came out in an interview today and talks about the discrimination he faced due to his sexual orientation (not due to his hairline, please David shave your head comb overs are so 1960s). Now I don't think this comes as a huge surprise to anyone. I was in grade six and even back then my gaydar screamed "hey girl hey".

I always had a crush on Jason the red ranger played by Austin St. John with his super hot parachute pants and muscles. The was an internet rumour out and about that he had beefed up and gone into gay porn as this super muscled shaved sean cody boy. Thankfully a quick search of the internet has turned up a far hotter option (at least to me).

Turns out Austin is now a paramedic and has turned into a super hot cub. Yes to the facial hair and double extra yes to no longer shaving your chest. I have always had a thing for paramedics (there was so much beefy eye candy in emergency last week it was crazy).
I wonder if he still has the costume...

Here he is responding to some of the internet rumours. Austin its not too late to start that porn career ;)

Monday, August 23, 2010

He can dance

Now I don't know if its some sort of brilliant act or what but this cub is adorable. Nice to see some positive energy being pumped into the world via cubs in short shorts.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My hospital adventures - By the numbers

I have never been hospitalized before and never really needed to be. In fact I had never even been to an emergency room before monday night. The whole experience has been overwhelming so just so I have a record of it I thought I would do a run down of the last week by the numbers:
Me after the first 7 rounds of antibiotics and some pupil dilators. I can open my eye again and the swelling in my face has gone down a lot by this picture i still manage to make a good gay face for the camera.
  • 5:00 PM Sunday my eye starts to feel like it has something stuck in it
  • 9:30 AM Monday I see my first doc at the medicenter and he gets a worried look on his face and mentions that if things get any worse I need to go to emergency. Here I thought I had a mild case of pink eye.
  • 9:00 PM the fella and I arrive at emergency and I am admitted
  • 4 hours till I am seen by a nurse
  • 6 mentions by staff of how the budget cuts have increased wait times
  • 6 apologies by staff for said wait times and lack of beds
  • 1 number of cat scans I had
  • 1 bad reaction from the dye used in said cat scan. Apparently violent nausea and convulsions were left off the list of potential side effects of said dye because they are pretty rare lucky me.
  • 8 number of times I was called an atypical case
  • 1 pair of super hot shoes my first nurse Stephanie was wearing she was awesome.
  • 4 number of emergency room doctors I was seen by through the course of the night
  • 4 ft by 6 ft is the amount of space they squeezed my bed into in the nurses station because they had no room for me anywhere else.
  • 7 fantastic emergency nurses who made a very scary experience much easier. The gals and guy in the e unit were really awesome and I can not thank them enough.
  • 6 Infectious Disease Docs that saw me. Each time one would leave they would come back with one more. Because of the rapid onset of things and the fact that whatever it was was spreading throughout my other eye, sinuses and face they were worried that I would not only lose my eyesight but there was a chance it could spread throughout my whole body. I basically became the ward of the ID unit (everyone calls it ID because Infectious Diseases Sounds scary).
  • 4 number of ophthalmologists I had to see. These guys were the worst they did terrible things to my eyes and I never want another thing poked in my eye again.
  • 9 Different antibiotics they had me on.
  • 7 different blood samples
  • 4 swabs
  • 13 times I was told i was very lucky that I came in when I did
  • 43 the number of things I realized I would not be able to do without my eyesight while I was sitting in the waiting room. This biggest of which was I wouldn't be able to see Greg anymore. We had been separated as there was no room for him in the secondary waiting room they put me in. I was so worried that the last thing I was going to see was going to be something other than him.
  • 8 number of hot emt/emr guys walking around
  • 1 number of hot cops I saw
  • 0 number of hot docs I saw (tho my one doc would be hot if he grew a beard :P)
  • 6 wristbands with my medical information on them from the different hospitals and departments
  • 2 number of hospitals I was admitted to.
  • 15 bags of intravenous meds that were pumped into me
  • 1:05 PM Thursday officially discharged from the U of A outpatient unit

My Zombie Eye this is Wednesday and you can I can open my almost fully again but there are still lots of popped blood vessels.

All said and done I have a much greater appreciation for the hard working people at our medical facilities. These people work there asses off and every cut to medical services makes a near impossible job they do every day that much harder. I can not thank them enough for the help they gave me.

I also have a greater appreciation for my health. I take a lot for granted and it is amazing how quickly you can go from thinking you have an eyelash in your eye to worrying about loosing your vision. Go out and enjoy your bodies folks who knows how long they will last.

Most importantly I have a greater appreciation of my relationship with Greg. He has been so good to me the last week I don't even have words for the amount of support and nursing he has done. I love you lots fella!

Poked for the last time?

I'm in th outpatient iv clinic at the u of a hospital hopefully getting my last treatment of iv antibiotics. Which is good I'm tired of havin this iv hanging out of my hand and getting caught on things ( totally new sort of pain that I discovered there). The infectious disease docs should be coming to discharge me soon for goo I hope!

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

cleanest ear in texas

This years season of big brother has been dismal at best. Bland unlikeable contestants and lame twists has made it almost unwatchable. This clip of super hot texan Lane jerking off in the shower however I could watch over and over.

Now that is good television.

live it, love it

It is amazing what spending almost whole day in the hospital makes you appreciate everything. I am so glad I still have vision (all be it blurry) in both of my eyes. More details to follow
You should have seen it before the trip to emerg, the cat scan and the 7 different round of intravenous antibiotics...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

George Clooney Style

I am officially on my way to becoming a salt and pepper daddy cub. I found my first grey hair today.
Next steps:
  1. - 10 pounds of fat
  2. + 30 pounds of muscle
  3. Gain 4 inches in height
  4. Develop the ability to grow a beard
  5. Get a job that makes more money than my monthly expenses
  6. Become attracted to twinks who are hard on there luck
Ok so maybe I have a long ways to go.

Soulless Husks

Stock photos and images are sometimes necessary evils. Whenever I am consulting for a project I try to avoid them. Sometimes however the use of these cheap cookie cutter materials is unavoidable.

Check out this video from Ratatat for Drugs that was created using only stock video. There is something so creepy about the actors, especially in the eyes. Almost like they were aliens pretending to be human I get a feeling similar to the uncanny valley effect.

Ratatat - Drugs from More Soon on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Music Monday: Something old and something new

I am generally luke warm on Tegan & Sarah. The Canadian, lesbian, twin sister duo (that was a mouthful) tend to flash between moments of brilliance (yes please) and moments of open mic night at the dyke bar (no thanks). This song has been out for a while but I don't think anyone can doubt how fucking awesome it is. I want a whole disk of them an Tiesto collaborating on wicked good dance tunes.

The next tune is the something new to me at least. I heard it multiple times on the way to vancouver pride and loved it more and more each time. Think shades of Bloc Party circa helicopter mixed with vocals from Death Cab for Cutie. Check out Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk:

Thursday, August 05, 2010

He said what?

Don Koziak has just officially thrown his hat into the edmonton mayoral race by basically saying he is a dinosaur who is forever going to live in 1965. Public transport is the only way we are going to be able to survive post peak oil. Don Iveson for mayor!

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Music Monday: Remixed right

It is very rare for a remix to become theee ultimate version of a song for me (usually MSTRKRFT remixes fill this category for me).

A while back the Crystal Method released a song called Come Back Clean featuring vocals by Emily Haines (who I talked about last week). It never really hooked me in any way. It was a good song but it lacked something to make it great. Here is the original below.

Then I stumbled on this fantastic remix by James Merrifield who metricized the song and really made something far superior to the original. Granted I am a much bigger fan of metric than the Crystal Method so maybe I am biased.

Which do you all prefer?