Thursday, August 26, 2010

goo goo for gaga

We just got back from the lady gaga concert. It was like being at a southern baptist church for queerdome. We stood up we sat down we sang we danced and we celebrated our inner freaks. Say what you will about gaga and her use of artifice the chick can fucking sing and she connects with that little twink that is self conscious about everything.

My inner twink was well satisfied at the alter of gaga.

I have to say our seats were not the best we were in row 51 (there are only 52 rows) in section 336 so you could not get higher but we were right in line with the stage which gave us a pretty sweet viewpoint.

Everything was so awesome the costumes, the lighting, the sets, the super hot androgynous drag queen dancers. We even had fun in line waiting to get in playing spot the straight.

What a great night.

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